celebrating the history of Radio Seagull


Chris Bent, Radio Seagull on 9290 Khz from Riga, Latvia, in 2003 - This 238 minute atmospheric recording was kindly made at Imagination Towers, Staffordshire, by the legendary and sadly missed Rob Leighton.

Barry Everitt, Radio Seagull on 259metres from the Mi Amigo,  mellows out on a calm  August night in 1973 - Many thanks to Charlie Fogg for this reel of tape. Do you have an old recording of Radio Seagull languishing on a cassette or reel of tape? If so, please share it here...

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Radio Seagull... more audio to follow, including Barry Everitt, Andy Archer, Norman Barrington and Brian Anderson on board the Mi Amigo. Hugh Nolan was on Seagull for just one short tour. There are no recordings of Hugh on Seagull... unless you know otherwise?

Chris B writes: "Although it's not Radio Seagull, there is much potential for further Barry Everitt shows. For several years I worked with and distributed Barry's 'House Of Mercy' radio show. This was broadcast by Country Music Radio in USA and Total Rock in the UK. Also in the vaults are hundreds of hours (on minidisc) of Barry Everitt as the Music Rhino on Borderline and Spyda radio...and a few Barry Everitt LONDON CALLING shows on BigL1395"

celebrating the history of Radio Seagull

Elija Van Den Berg*, Mike Hydrophoil, Barry Everitt (with fist raised), Andy Archer, Norman Barrington, Robin Adcroft, Mike Wallgarland (Mike the poet)


Webmaster and Seagull presenter, Chris B, wears a t shirt bearing the original Radio Seagull logo
kindly reprinted by Elija Van Den Berg using her t shirt printer in 2005.


Of particular interest is Bob Noakes description of Hugh Nolan and Barry Everitt during their time on board the Mi Amigo, anchored in the International waters of the North Sea. Three years had passed since the demise of Radio Geronimo (with studios in Harley Street, London, W1 - broadcast via Radio Monte Carlo). Hugh and Barry, appeared on board the Mi Amigo at the request of, and with the full support of Ronan O'Rahilly, owner of
Radio Seagull and Caroline...

"...Hugh and Barry arrived with their hash pipes and crates of underground records, and above all, with the total blessing of Ronan who had sent them across to us....

...Radio Seagull had become established. I was to spend the next few weeks on board in the company of some very strange people who were operating what had become possibly the strangest radio station in Europe. Our two new djs had given the station a distinctive new ultra-progressive sound that I found neither good nor bad - I simply didn't understand it. Andy and Johnny were on land enjoying a break, which left the station largely in their hands. As there was still nobody in charge to make decisions of music policy and direct the station's output, and love and peace, hash smoke and good vibes were guiding us, Radio Seagull soon became self-indulgent, directionless and empty...

...It was a wonderful broadcasting and communication opportunity for all involved; a transmitter which most of Europe could hear and carte-blanche to do and say anything....

...Barry and Hugh were undoubtedly professional, but their choice of music was so heavy and often so obscure that they could have only been reaching a small percentage of the available audience. The emphasis was on old Dylan tracks with plenty of Zappa and Beefheart. Later in the evening came some of the more horrisant music that only the most erudite of listeners would have been able to understand...

...The emphasis on drugs had also become much greater and this was reflected in the programmes; a special jargon had come into use which some of us could not understand. The station, and everything about it, had become so avant-garde and freaky that it was totally far out...

...Barry and Hugh were night-people who seldom saw the light of the sun. They slept by day and arose at about four in the afternoon to choose records for the evening's programmes. Their breakfast was usually a cup of tea and a thickly rolled joint which provide them with enough lethargy to stagger through their work and get high on the strange and fantastic music they selected...."

Bob Noakes, 1984. Last Of The Pirates ISBN 0 86228 092 3

Webmaster has a programme with Radio Seagull in 2020


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