Hour 1
I Monster-These Are Our Children
Ed Harcourt-God Will Protect Your Soul
Bridget St John-To B Without A Hitch
Ahleuchatistas-Remember Rumsfeld 
 from Cuneiform
Mats/Morgan Band-Not US 
 from Cuneiform
Litmus-Infinity Drive/Dreams Of Space/You Are Here/Sonic Light
Bob Dylan-Days Of '49
Nick Drake-Three Hours
Nick Cave & Kylie Minogue-Where The Wild Roses Grow
Wynder K Frog-Harpsichord Shuffle

Hour 2
John Martyn-Dusty
Ray Russell-Wailing Wall 
 from Cuneiform
Univers Zero-Electronika Mambo Musette 
 from Cuneiform
King Crimson-The Great Deceiver
Trash Palace-Sex On The Beach
Spooky Tooth-Weird
Back To Base/Benjamin Zephaniah-We Are Tribes
Lefte Banke-Pretty Balerina
Little River Band-It's A Long Way There
Harpers Bizarre-Come To The Sunshine
Hawkwind-Quark Strangeness And Charm (slow & fast versions)
Chemical Brothers-Music Response

Hour 3
Seagull Seaquence: The Alternative Sounds Of The Sixties & Seventies
Kinks-Mr Pleasant
Klaatu-Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft
Quintessence-Notting Hill Gate
Mott The Hoople-Thunderbuck Ram
Pentangle-Once I Had A Sweetheart
Incredible String Band-First Girl I Loved/Seagull
Radio Seagull theme 1973-Norman Barrington Mix
Santana-All The Love Of The Universe/When I Look Into Your Eyes
Pharoah Sanders-Hum Allah Hum Allah Hum Allah

Hour 4
Pharoah Sanders-Hum Allah Hum Allah Hum Allah
Led Zeppelin-Battle Of Evermore
Placebo-Pure Morning (Les Digitales remix)
Nick Nicely-DCT Dreams
Zaar-Scherzo #C 
 from Cuneiform
Richard Leo Johnson-Morning Glory/Love and Trouble 
 from Cuneiform
Martyn Bennett-Chanter
Trash Palace-Mary
Uriah Heep-Gypsy
Heavy Jelly-I Keep Singing That Same Old Song
Jimi Hendrix-If Six Was Nine
Jeff Beck-Rock My Plimsoul

Hour 5
Seagull Seaquence: The Alternative Sounds Of The Sixties & Seventies part 1
Jefferson Airplane-Rock Me Baby
Johnny Winter-Fast Life Rider
Greatest Show On Earth-Borderline
Fleetwood Mac-Rattlesnake Shake
Family-Old Songs New Songs
Fairport Convention-Come All Ye
Earth and Fire-Vivid Shady Land/You Know The Way/Thanks For The Love
Fat Mattress-Naturally
Curved Air-Vivaldi

Hour 6
Seagull Seaquence: The Alternative Sounds Of The Sixties & Seventies part 2
Curved Air-Vivaldi with Cannons
Floribunda Rose-Linda Loves Linda
CSNY-Country Girl
Elastic Oz Band-God Save Oz
Tractor-Ravenscrofts 13 Bar Boogie
Beau-Silence Returns
Tractor-All Ends Up
Daevid Allen & Gong-Gladstoned  Fresh Rest In My Memory
Pink Floyd-Julia Dream
I Monster-Big End

Interested in the Mellotron? Want to check whether any of the songs played feature a Mellotron? Visit:     

The Ultimate Recordings List (probably)

Instrumental backgrounds: Henry Purcell-Ground
and Bama Winds interpretation of Traffic's "The Dealer"

Head Like A Hole

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