Chris, Les and Paul on tour. Summer at Harwich Harbour. Pix taken by Garry Lee during live broadcast on 12th August 2023. For more photos please scroll down

Neon Nancy    Chris Bent    Paul Welton    Les Newman

Chris B
Paul & Chris choosing some vinyl to play
Manfred Mann 'Ragamuffin Man' plays on the deck. Next track was the flipside 'A B Side', which was used in those Caroline Munro Mannikin tv adverts... sheer enjoyment
Les chills out on board the Light Vessel LV18
You Have Got The Gear? Chris plays Jack Warner's finest 45 moment
Neon Nancy, US DJ, with an old Genesis fan
About to play We Love You by The Rolling Stones
A busy late evening studio
Harwich Harbour - home of the LV18. Studio is at top of the white bit
Les in discussion with Paul
Tony checks out the 1st Caravan LP - the MGM 1972 reissue
At Monte Carlo golf course being interviewed for Radio Geronimo documentary

Purple Pie Pete a.k.a. Paul Welton, heading Toward The Unknown Region, with Chris B at Maidstone Studio, 14 May 2005

Photo courtesy: Martin Turner


The Principality of Monaco, 29 April 2004


So there we were shooting for a Radio Geronimo documentary outside the Radio Monte Carlo studios in the Port of Monaco when, rather spookily, I espied the good ship 'GERONIMO'....


GERONIMO - High and Dry


Click here to check out the Geronimo friendly sounds of MC One, Monte Carlo

with Barry Everitt, London Astoria, 15 April 2004
Live Radio Seagull programme 24 April 2004

Apple Jack & Chris at Apple FM, Exeter.

Rachel & Ian, Karnataka at Apple FM, Exeter
Rachel & Ian, Karnataka with Chris B at Apple FM, Exeter
with Talis Kimberley and Divine Strumpet at Apple FM

from left:
Marilisa Valtazanou, Talis, Chris B, Rachel Sharmer, Mich Sampson

Talis Kimberley with Divine Strumpet at Apple FM
A foggy day, November, 2003
Mont Agel, Monaco - Pilgrimage to Radio Monte Carlo (Geronimo) TX site
Mark Dezzani, Chris Bent & Grant Benson
You've done too much, much too young...
Bordighera, Italian Riviera, November 2003
Mark Dezzani, Chris Bent & Grant Benson
Harlingen Harbour, Netherlands, October 2003
Chris Bent & Adrian Hondema
Harlingen Harbour, Netherlands, October 2003
Tony Christian & Chris B.
Radio Day, Amsterdam, October 2003
Bob Noakes, Chris Bent & Tony Christian
Redondo Beach, Los Angeles, California, Easter 2003
Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles, California.

The mysterious corporate head of Caroline America, right,  demonstrates covert aerial TX techniques to Chris B.
Tom's Diner, Nice  - Mark Dezzani, Chris B & Tom Anderson, January 2003
Hold Tight!
Experience the thrill of riding the Seborga Nantucket Sleighride with Vice Admiral Mark Dezzani at the helm... IN THE DARK!! (and blindfolded) with a cracked windscreen!
Seborga, January 2003 (Portraiture by Mark Dezzani)

Back Page, Caroline Newsbeat - Article about Chris B. (Sept. 2002)
Summer 2001, Chris B. at Maidstone Studios, Kent, United Kingdom.
Hunstanton, Summer 1971, Chris B. (on left, wearing Radio Geronimo T-shirt) and Jerry.

Photo courtesy: Jane Purell (see )

April 2002

Live at Radio Caroline UK, Maidstone Studio: Rika Koerte & Talis Kimberley with Chris B. More Pictures

At Caroline South studio 1.  February, 2002
Mark Dezzani, anticipating a new hyperspace bypass, casts an envious eye at the 'Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy' towel.
More Seborga Pics
August 2001, Ross Revenge.

with Tony Allan and Bob Lawrence

Photo courtesy: Steve Szmidt

August 2001, Queenborough.

with Tony Allan


Photo courtesy: Steve Szmidt

Everything ripens at its time... and becomes fruit at its hour...