Hour 1
Prelude- the well known region:
Lenny-Steal My Sunshine
Tenacious D-Wonderboy
the lesser known region:
Alec K Redfearn & the Eyesores-Bulgarian Skin Mechanic
from Cuneiform
The Muffins-The Highlands from Cuneiform
Jethro Tull-Song For Jeffrey
Klaatu-Little Neutrino
from 'SUNSET'
I Monster -Everyone's A Loser/Daydream In Blue (Nightmare In Pink)
Motorhead-Ace Of Spades
Procol Harum-Pandora's Box/Whisky Train
Alec K Redfearn & the Eyesores-The Smoking Shoes
from Cuneiform

Hour 2
from Cuneiform
Mats/Morgan Band-Thanks For Flying With Us
from Cuneiform
Elvis Costello-When I Was Cruel number 2
Supreme Beings Of Leisure-Strange Love Addiction (Eric Kupper mix)
Pharoah Sanders-Thembi
Bob Dylan-Mozambique
Janet Kay-No Easy Walk To Freedom
Alec K Redfearn & the Eyesores-Punjabi/Watery Grave
from Cuneiform

Hour 3
Seagull Seaquence: The Alternative Sounds Of The Sixties & Seventies
San Ul Lim-It Was Probably Last Summer
Orient Express-The Train To Bombay
Skip Bifferty-Guru
Love Peace Poetry-Cambodian Rock
Forever Amber-I See You As You Used To Be
Tower-In Your Life
Spencer Davis Group-Mr. Second Class
Kinks-I'm Not Like Everybody Else
Barry Ryan-Caroline
Twilights-Coming On Down
Jigsaw-Seven Fishes
Groove-The Wind
Petards-The Fountain
Fourmyula-I Know Why
Forever Amber-A Chance To Be Free
Chocolate Watch Band-Requiem
Angel Pavement-Baby You've Gotta Stay
Spooky Tooth-Lugers Groove
Art-What's That Sound

Hour 4
Djam Karet-The Gypsy And The Hegemon
from Cuneiform
Alec K Redfearn & the Eyesores-The Night It Rained Glass On Union Street from Cuneiform
Djam Karet-Dark Oranges
from Cuneiform
Aerosmith-A Taste Of India
Sheila Chandra-You
Monsoon-Tomorrow Never Knows
Cornershop-Norweigan Wood
Beatles-The Inner Light
Joyce Bond-Ob La Di Ob La Da
Steve Hillage-It's All Too Much
Revolver-Love Of The Loved
Al Stewart-Terminal Eyes (for eggmen everywhere)
Mike Fab Gere And The Permissive Society-I Am The Walrus (part 1)

Hour 5
Mike Fab Gere And The Permissive Society-I Am The Walrus (part 2)
Massive Attack-Metal Postcard
Siouxsie And The Banshees-Mittageissen
Back To Base with Benjamin Zephaniah-The President Is Dead Again

Alec K Redfearn & the Eyesores-The Bible Lite from Cuneiform
Sensational Alex Harvey Band-Faith Healer
Driveby Truckers-Too Much Sex Too Little Jesus
Chambers Brothers-New Generation
Cole Porter songbook mini sequence:
David Byrne-Don't Fence Me In
Debbie Harry & Iggy Pop-Well, Did You Evah?
U2-Night And Day

Hour 6
Seagull Seaquence: The Alternative Sounds Of The Sixties & Seventies
Pink Floyd-Embryo
David McWilliams-Twenty Golden Years Ago
David McWilliams-You've Only Been A Stranger
Family-Scene Through The Eye Of A lens
Anan-I Wonder Where My Sisters Gone
House Of Lords-In The Land Of Dreams
AP Dangerfield-Further Conversations
Cresssida-Lights In My Mind (acetate)
Speed Glue Shinki-Keep It Cool
Baris Manco Kaygisizlar-Trip (Fairground)
Infantes Jubilante-Exploding Galaxy
Tandem-Shapes Shadows
Zombies-A Rose For Emily (alternate version)
Zombies-Time Of The Season (alternate mix)
Jon (or Joe) Plum-Alice
Penny Peeps-I See The Morning
It's Beautiful Day-Hot Summer Day


To Those Who Love...                                                                                                                 Time Is Eternity...

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