Hour 1
Steve Earle-Transcendental Blues
The Great Society-Sally Go Round The Roses
Jefferson Airplane-The Good Shepherd
Driveby Truckers-Hell No I Ain't Happy
Five Horse Johnson-Dead Language
Fast 'n' Bulbous-Sugar 'n' Spikes
from Cuneiform
Frank Zappa-City Of Tiny Lites
Nick Nicely-DCT Dreams
(Instrumental background: Henry Purcell-Lilliburlero )
Alice Cooper-Second Coming/Ballad Of Dwight Fry/Sun Arise
Susumo Yakota-Hagoromo

Hour 2
Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & the Trinity-Flesh Failures (Let The Sunshine In)
Brian Auger & the Trinity-What You Gonna Do
Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & the Trinity-Season Of The Witch/A Kind Of Love In
(Instrumental background: Christopher Wood: Handel-Harpsichord Suite No.1 in A Major )
Julie Driscoll-Those That We Love
Yo Miles! Henry Kaiser & Wadada Leo Smith-Yesterfunk
from Cuneiform
Joni Mitchell-Shadows And light
Joni Mitchell & Persuasions-Why Do Fools Fall In Love
(Instrumental background: Lionel Rogg: Buxtehude-Ciacona In E minor )
Shirley & Dolly Collins-Glenlogie
Love (with Jimi Hendrix)-The Everlasting First
Love-Flying/Gimi A Little Break/Stand Out
Trash Palace-Animal Magic

Hour 3
The Seagull
Alternative Sounds of the 60's and 70's Seaquence:
Doors-The Soft Parade
Pretty Things-Mr Evasion
Battered Ornaments-Twisted Track
Mike Proctor-Mr Commuter
Mick Softley-Time Machine
Black Sabbath-Solitude/Into The Void
Blossom Dearie-Moonlight Saving Time
Blind Faith-Presence Of The Lord
Clouds-Take Me To Your Leader
Don Spencer-Fireball (XL5)
Donovan-Intergalactic Laxative/Operating Manual For Spaceship Earth
Hawkwind-Master Of The Universe

Hour 4
Mats/Morgan Band-Not Us from Cuneiform
Red Flag-Russian Radio (Glasnost Club Mix)
(Instrumental background: Bama Winds-Windy)
Mats/Morgan Band-Sinus/Thanks For Flying With Us
from Cuneiform
(Instrumental background: Mothers Of Invention-Orange County Lumber Truck)
Frank Zappa-Willie The Pimp
Sly & Family Stone-Don't Call Me Nigger Whitey
T. Rex-Country Honey
New Order-Touched By The Hand Of God
Creed-With Open Arms
T. Rex-Country Honey

Hour 5
Traffic-Vagabond Virgin
Kraftwerk-Planet Of Vision
Claudia Quintet-Boy With A Bag And His Guardian Elephant
from Cuneiform
Nick Drake-Fruit Tree
The Nice-She Belongs To Me
Massive Attack-Teardrop
Keith West-On A Saturday
Simon Dupree & Big Sound-Broken Hearted Pirates
Hugh Hopper & Richard Sinclair-Keep On Caring
(Instrumental background: Henry Purcell-Ground )
Kayak-Nostradamus: The Fate Of Man Act 1

Hour 6
The Seagull Alternative Sounds of the 60's and 70's Seaquence:
Its A Beautiful Day-Don And Dewey
Mott The Hoople-Rock And Roll Queen
Skin Alley-Sun Music
(from Glastonbury Fayre triple LP)
Skin Alley-The Queen Of Bad Intentions
Brinsley Schwartz-Love Song (from Glastonbury Fayre triple LP)
Robert Wyatt-To Mark Everywhere
IF-Tarmac T Pirate And The Lonesome Nymphomaniac
Panama Limited-Round And Round/Lady Of Shallot
Jimi Hendrix-Crosstown Traffic
Pregnant Insomnia-Wallpaper
Pharoah Sanders-Upper Egypt Lower Egypt


Everything ripens at its time... and becomes fruit at its hour...

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