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Playlist for 12/13 December 2020
revised repeat on 18 December 2020
with Les Newman
Beatles-Baby You're A Rich Man
Aerosmith-A Taste Of India
Golden Earring-Eight Miles High
Ellis-El Doomo
Pete Townsend-Lazy Fat People
The Who-Sunrise
Noel Coward-Let's Not Be Beastly To The Germans
Phenomenal Hand Clap Band-Following
Dream Theater-Funeral For A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding

Vangelis-Albedo 0.39
Zarelli (featuring Leonard Nimoy)-Pink Electric Eyes
Spock's Beard-Revelation
Gentle Giant-In a Glass House
Mama's Boys-Runaway Dreams
Depeche Mode-Never Let Me Down Again
Dream Theater-Octavarium
50 years ago: THE NEW SINGLES* issue 359
There were 35 new singles released on Friday 11 December 1970
Mashmakhan-Days When We Are Free  CBS 5170
Santana-Black Magic Woman  CBS 5323
The Mixtures-Push Bike (sic)  PARLOPHONE R5878
and/or.. The Mixtures-Push Bike Song  POLYDOR 2058 083
The Mixtures Pushbike Song - with a video made in Australia
Miller James-You Got To Me  TROJAN TR7804
Clancy Eccles-Credit Squeeze  CLANDISC CLA227
Untouchables-Knock On Wood  UPSETTERS US350
Frijid Pink-Heartbreak Hotel  DERAM DM321
Al Stewart-News From Spain/Elvaston Place  CBS 5351
Gary Puckett-I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself  CBS 5345
Joe Cocker-Cry Me A River  FLY BUG3
Sir Henry and his Butlers-Annie Got A Date/Like A Rose  COLUMBIA DB8740
Upsetters-Tight Spot  UPSETTER US350

Hour 4
50 years ago: THE NEW SINGLES* issue 359
There were 35 new singles released on Friday 11 December 1970
Santana-Hope You're Feeling Better  CBS 5323
Mashmakhan-As The Years Go By  CBS 5170
Dennis Wilson and Rumbo-Sound Of Free/Lady  STATESIDE SS2184
Weathermen-It's The Same Old Song  B&C CB139
Dennis Lowe-Standing Up For The Sound  DOWNTOWN DT468
Chosen Few-Why Can't I Touch You  SONGBIRD SB1046
Donovan-Celia Of The Seals/Mister Wind  DAWN DNS1007
Julie Bergen-L'oiseau sur la branche  SQUARE SQ1
Crispian St Peters-Wandering Hobo  SQUARE SQ2
Dear Mr Time-Light Up A Light/Prayer For Her  SQUARE SQ3
Swegas-What You Gonna Do  TREND 6099 001
Mike d'Abo-Miss Me In The Morning/Arabela Cinderella  BELL BLL1134
Johnny Goodison-One Mistake  DERAM DM319
Cilla Black-Child Of Mine  PARLOPHONE R5879
Twinkle Brothers-Sweet Going Thing  JACKPOT JP741
Karen Young-Nobody's Child  COLUMBIA DB8746
* The New Singles were a weekly listing of 45rpm recordings published by
Francis Antony Ltd, East Hill, St Austell, Cornwall. They were distributed to the music trade, media, record shops. We are working through the lists from November 1968 to June 1974. Some weeks the lists are missing from the archive but fortunately the weekly list also includes the previous two (and sometimes three) weeks releases...

1971 Hunstanton/Heacham Beach: Chris Bent (on left wearing a Radio Geronimo t shirt) with Jeremy/Jez/Jerry Bowles

Radio Geronimo Monte Carlo film documentary
Written and Produced by Chris Bent; Edited and Directed by Mark Dezzani

Chris B (with the delightful miss wood), circa 1975. See

picture restored from a damaged slide

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