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Playlist for 11/12 April 2020
repeated on 16 April 2020
this week with Les Newman

Dee Long-Outside
Klaatu-Sir Bodsworth Rugglesby III
Wishbone Ash-The King Will Come
Slipstream-From The Beginning/I Talk To The Wind
Styx-Too Much Time
Dukes Of Stratosphear-25 o'clock
Ten Years After-I'm Coming Home
Santana-Soul Sacrifice
Eric Burdon and the Animals-Good Times
50 years ago: THE NEW SINGLES* issue 324
There were 40 new singles released on Friday 10th April 1970
3 Dog Night-Feelin' Alright  STATESIDE DUNHILL SS8041
Brass Incorporated-At The Sign Of The Swinging Cymbal (Pick Of The Pops)  FESTIVAL/PYE 7N25520
3 Dog Night-It's For You  STATESIDE DUNHILL SS8041
Autumn Vine-He Ain't Superman  EVOLUTION E2447
3 Coins-Come And Do The Right Thing  SUGAR SU106
Winston Groovey-Funky Chicken  JACKPOT JP708
Custers Track-On The Run  MAJOR MINOR MM698
Music Specialists-Dynamic Pressure  LONDON HLJ10309
Winston Groovey-Please Don't Make Me Cry  TORPEDO TOR11
Pythagoras Theorem-Give A Damn  PYE 7N17924
Dionne Warwick-Loneliness Remembers What Happiness Forgets/Let Me Go To Him  WAND WN4
Barrie Webb-Live For Tomorrow Harry Jones/At The Top  DECCA F23012
Hollies-I Can't Tell The Bottom From The Top  PARLOPHONE R5837
Silkie Davis-When I Was A Little Girl  TORPEDO TOR12
Geraldine Hunt-Never Never Leave Me  ROULETTE RO515
Brass Incorporated-Just Like That (Terry Wogan theme)  FESTIVAL/PYE 7N25520


50 years ago: THE NEW SINGLES* issue 324
There were 40 new singles released on Friday 10th April 1970
Brass Incorporated-Just Like That (Terry Wogan theme)  FESTIVAL/PYE 7N25520
Maytals-Bla Bla Bla  TROJAN TR7741
Mel & Dave-Spinning Wheel  UPSETTER US330
King Stitt-Herbsman  CLANDISC CLA207
Linda Van Dyck-Seduction  GEMINI GMS004
Rockin' Foo-Stranger In The Attic/Rochester River  STATESIDE DUNHILL SS2168
(Roockin' Foo reminiscent of Beach Boys 1977 LP 'Love You', played: Mona)
Funkadelic-I Got A Thing  PYE 7N25519
Tony Burrows-Melanie Makes Me Smile  BELL BLL1103
J Vincent Edwards-Who Are My Friends  CBS S4912
Pioneers-Driven Back  TROJAN TR7739
Glen Brown-Love I  SONGBIRD SB1021
Autumn Vine-Maxi Baby  EVOLUTION E2447
Nyah Earth-Nyah Bingwe  ATTACK ATT8016
Lloyd Dice-Trial Of Pama Dice  JOE JRS5 (podcast only)
Maytones-Barabas  EXPLOSION  EX2014 (podcast only)

Top of the Pops 50 years ago: February 1970
* The New Singles were a weekly listing of 45rpm recordings published by
Francis Antony Ltd, East Hill, St Austell, Cornwall. They were distributed to the music trade, media, record shops. We are working through the lists from November 1968 to June 1974. Some weeks the lists are missing from the archive but fortunately the weekly list also includes the previous two (and sometimes three) weeks releases...

1971: Chris Bent on left wearing a Radio Geronimo t shirt

Radio Geronimo Monte Carlo film documentary
Written and Produced by Chris Bent; Edited and Directed by Mark Dezzani

Chris B (with the delightful miss wood), circa 1975. See

picture restored from a damaged slide

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Head Like A Hole

To Those Who Love...                                                                                                                 Time Is Eternity...