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Playlist for 7th December 2019
Hour 1 podcast may be available on request
Gentle Giant-Three Friends
The Enid-Mockingbird

Left Banke with New York University choir 'Drama Cantorum'-Desiree

Left Banke-Pretty Ballerina

Sufjan Stevens-Sister Winter
Fotheringay-Winter Winds
Genesis-The Musical box
Klaatu-The Loneliest Of Creatures/Prelude (orchestral version from 'Sunset')
Celtus-What Goes Around
Blank Manuskript-The Last Journey
Aphrodite's Child-Battle Of The Locusts
this mix is only available on Greek 1974 VERTIGO label copies of the 2xLP 666:
Hour 2 podcast may be available on request
50 years ago: THE NEW SINGLES* issue 309
There were 31 new singles released on Friday 12th December 1969 and a couple of CBS singles on 19th December 1969
John Barry Orchestra-We Have All The Time In The World  CBS 4680
The Magic Christians-If You Want It  MAJOR MINOR MM673
Badfinger-Rock Of All Ages/Come And Get It  APPLE 20
Alan Hull-We Can Swing Together  TRANSATLANTIC BIG129
Bobby Thompson-Trouble In Town  COLUMBIA DB113
Bonnie Frankson-Dearest  COLUMBIA DB114
Bob Dylan-Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You  CBS 4611
Johnny Cash-Blistered  CBS 4638
Krimson Kake-Feelin' Better/Waiter!  PENNY FARTHING PEN707
Samantha Jones-Do I Still Figure In Your Life  PENNY FARTHING PEN707
Octopus-Laugh At The Poor Man/Girl Friend  PENNY FARTHING PEN705
Happy Confusion-Hereditary Impediment  PENNY FARTHING PEN706
New Inspiration-My Worlds Beginning/You Ain't Got The Feeling  PENNY FARTHING PEN704
John Barry-On Her Majesty's Secret Service  CBS 4680
Morecombe and Wise-Bring Me Sunshine  COLUMBIA DB8646

Hour 3
podcast may be available on request
50 years ago: THE NEW SINGLES* issue 309
There were 31 new singles released on Friday 12th December 1969 and a couple of CBS singles on 19th December 1969
Jon Kane-In Ancient Times (Jerusalem)  WARNER BROS WB8003
The Dells-On The Dock Of The Bay  CHESS CRS8105
Otis Redding-She's All Right  EVOLUTION E2442
Raw Material-Hi There Hallelujah/Days Of The Fighting Cock  EVOLUTION E2445
Nina-Do You Know How Christmas Trees Are Grown/More Things Change  CBS 4681
Magic Christians-NATS  MAJOR MINOR MM673
Rita-Erotica/Sexologie  MAJOR MINOR MM653
Banana Boys-Come Into My Life  MCA-UK MK5022
Dandy-Rude with Me/Play It Cool  COLUMBIA DB112
Bobby Thompson-That's How Strong My Love Is  COLUMBIA DB113
Mark Lindsay-Arizona  CBS 4699
Sacha Distel-Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head  WARNER BROS WB7345
bonus 1969 single, which isn't listed as being released until mid January 1970 but online forums agree that it was most likely released at the end of 1969:
Jethro Tull-Witches Promise/The Teacher  CHRYSALIS WIP6077
(some labels are printed as The Witches Promise/Teacher)
* The New Singles were a weekly listing of 45rpm recordings published by
Francis Antony Ltd, East Hill, St Austell, Cornwall. They were distributed to the music trade, media, record shops. We are working through the lists from November 1968 to June 1974. Some weeks the lists are missing from the archive but fortunately the weekly list also includes the previous two (and sometimes three) weeks releases...

1971: Chris Bent on left wearing a Radio Geronimo t shirt

Radio Geronimo Monte Carlo film documentary
Written and Produced by Chris Bent; Edited and Directed by Mark Dezzani

Chris B (with the delightful miss wood), circa 1975. See

picture restored from a damaged slide

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Head Like A Hole

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