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Playlist for 18th October 2019

Hour 1

Marry Waterson & Emily Baker-Little Hits Of Dopamine
Metronomy-Salted Caramel Ice Cream
Plastic Penny-Your Way To Tell Me Go
T.Rex-The Slider/Rock On/Buick Mackane
Flo & Eddie-Elenore
Turtles-You Don't Have To Walk In The Rain/Sound Asleep
Black Midi-Ducter
Yes-The Revealing Science Of God
Hour 2
50 years ago: THE NEW SINGLES* issue 301
There were 45 new singles released on Friday 17th October 1969

King Crimson-Court Of The Crimson King parts 1 & 2  ISLAND WIP 6071
Big Bertha featuring Ace Kefford-Gravy Booby Jam  ATLANTIC 584298
Jethro Tull-Sweet Dream/17 (withdrawn stereo single mixes)  CHRYSALIS WIP 6070
Mott The Hoople-Rock and Roll Queen  ISLAND WIP 6072
The Turtles-Love Of The City  LONDON HLU 10291
Big Bertha featuring Ace Kefford-This Worlds An Apple  ATLANTIC 584298
Casuals-Caroline  DECCA F22969
The Groop-Nobody At All/Jet Song  BELL BLL 1080
Delaney and Bonnie-Get Ourselves Together  ELEKTRA EKSN 45066
Valerie Singleton-Jimmy Giraffe/Solomon Centipede  PYE 7N17800
Isaac Hayes-By The Time I Get To Phoenix  STAX 133

Hour 3

50 years ago: THE NEW SINGLES* issue 301
There were 45 new singles released on Friday 17th October 1969
Lighthouse-Eight Miles High  RCA 1884
Rainbows-New Day Dawning  CBS 4568
Marty Wilde-Shelley  PHILIPS BF1815
Incredible String Band-All Writ Down (non LP b side) ELEKTRA EKSN 45074
PP Arnold-Bury Me Down By The River (B&M Gibb)  POLYDOR 56350
Marv Johnson-I Miss You Baby  TAMLA MOTOWN  TMG 713
Harmony Grass-I Remember  RCA 1885
Neil MacArthur-It's Not Easy/12.29  DERAM DM275
Scaffold-Liver Birds/Gin Gan Goolie  PARLOPHONE R5812
Jimmy Powell-House Of The Rising Sun  YOUNGBLOOD YB 1006
Pennyworth-Malena Malena  CBS 4573
Heavyweights-Shambala  SPARK SRL 1033
Peanut Butter Conspiracy-Back In L.A.  LONDON HLH 10290
Chris Simmons-Soraya  MCA MK 5009
Keef Hartley-Waiting Around  DERAM DM273
Brothers and Sisters (with Merry Clayton)-Mighty Quinn  CBS 4583
Root and Jenny Jackson-Let's Go Somewhere  BEACON BEA 136
Flying Machine-Smile A Little Smile For Me  PYE 7N17722
Duster Bennett-Rock Of Ages Cleft For Me BLUE HORIZON 57-3164
* The New Singles were a weekly listing of 45rpm recordings published by
Francis Antony Ltd, East Hill, St Austell, Cornwall. They were distributed to the music trade, media, record shops. We are working through the lists from November 1968 to June 1974. Some weeks the lists are missing from the archive but fortunately the weekly list also includes the previous two (and sometimes three) weeks releases...

1971: Chris Bent on left wearing a Radio Geronimo t shirt

Radio Geronimo Monte Carlo film documentary
Written and Produced by Chris Bent; Edited and Directed by Mark Dezzani


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