This was... Chris Bent (1969)

on CWR 1476Khz, Saturday evening 6.00-8.00pm

Playlist for Saturday 27th July 2019 (scroll down for Sunday playlist)

Deep Purple-Emmaretta (stereo)
Gary Numan-My Name Is Ruin
King Crimson-Book Of Saturday/Ladies Of The Road/Lizard (with Jon Anderson)
Plastic Penny-Your Way To Tell Me Go:
Cupids Inspiration-My World
Jethro Tull-My God
Swingle Singers-River Man
Camel-Lunar Sea
Queens of the Stone Age-Feet Don't Fail Me
Alice Cooper-Black Juju/Halo Of Flies
Ohio Express-Chewy Chewy
John Schroeder Orchestra-Witchi Tai To
Dr Bob a.k.a. Clair Nicholson-Heatwave
Donovan-Sunshine Superman
Deep Purple-Lalena
Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & Trinity-Season Of The Witch:

Jefferson Airplane-Fat Angel
King Crimson-Get Thy Bearings
on CWR 1476Khz, Sunday evening 6.00-8.00pm
Playlist for Sunday 28th July 2019
50 years ago: THE NEW SINGLES* issue 289
There were 62 new singles released on Friday
25th July 1969
Cape Kennedy Construction Company-First Step On The Moon  PRESIDENT PT 265
Crosby Stills & Nash-Marrakesh Express  ATLANTIC 584283
Fickle Finger (known as Astronaut Alan and the Planets in Europe)-Fickle Lizzie Anne/Cellophane Mary Jane  PAGE ONE POF 150
Audrey-You'll Lose A Good Thing  DOWNTOWN DT 436
Berkeley Kites-Alice In Wonderland  POLYDOR 56770
Crosby Stills and Nash-Helplessly Hoping  ATLANTIC 584283
Classics IV-Every Day With You And I  LIBERTY LBF 15231
Searchers-Kinky Kathy Abernathy  LIBERTY LBF 15240
Clive Sands (Sarstedt)-In A Dream/Wichi Tai To  SNB 55-4431
Count Prince Miller-Blue Blue World  PYE 7N17786
Pickety Witch-Solomon Grundy  PYE 7N17799
Tyrannosaurus Rex-King Of The Rumbling Spires  REGAL ZONOPHONE RZ3022
Tempus Fugit-Emphasis On Love/Come Alive  PHILIPS BF 1802
Zager & Evans-In The Year 2525  (RCA 1860) original mono version on TRUTH was played
Maxine Nightingale-Don't Push Me Baby  PYE 7N17798
The Nite People-Hot Smoke and Sassafras  PAGE ONE POF 149

The Saints-Windy  BIG SHOT BI 522
The Nite People-Love Love Love Love Love  PAGE ONE POF 149
McKenna Mendelson Mainline-You Better Watch Out/She's Alright  LIBERTY LBF 15235
Gordon Smith-Too Long/Funk Pedal  BLUE HORIZON 57-3156
Paul Vigrass-Free Lorry Ride  RCA 1857
Idle Race-Come With Me/Reminds Me Of You  LIBERTY LBF 15242
Oliver-Good Morning Starshine  CBS 4435
(West Coast) Consortium-Beggar Man  PYE 7N17797
Deep Purple-Hallelujah/April part 1  HARVEST HAR 5006
Mongo Santa Maria-25 Miles  DIRECTION 58-4430
Cupids Inspiration-Sad Thing  BELL BLL 1069
Bleachers-Come Into My Parlour  UPSETTER US 314
Johnny Rivers-John Lee Hooker  LIBERTY LBF 15239

* The New Singles were a weekly listing of 45rpm recordings published by
Francis Antony Ltd, East Hill, St Austell, Cornwall. They were distributed to the music trade, media, record shops. We are working through the lists from November 1968 to June 1974. Some weeks the lists are missing from the archive but fortunately the weekly list also includes the previous two (and sometimes three) weeks releases...

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Chris B (with the delightful miss wood), circa 1975. See

picture restored from a damaged slide


Chris & Jez: Hunstanton, Summer 1971 - Schools Out for 'Bent + Bowles'

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