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Playlist for 28 December 2018
with Marcelle

Hour 1
Lady Vendredi-What Time Is It?
Idle Race-Sitting In A Tree
Purple Canteen-Brains In My Feet
Purple Gang-Granny Takes A Trip
Chubby Checker-My Mind
Bee Gees-Lamp Light/Edison/Barbara Came To Stay
Chilly-For Your Love
Yardbirds-Lost Women
The Who-I Can't Reach You
Slade-Darling Be Home Soon
Tinkerbells Fairy Dust-Lazy Day
Spanky and our Gang-Sundays Will Never Be The Same
Tim Andrews and Paul Korda-Smile If You Want To
Brethren-Success Brand Oil
Hour 2
Gary Numan-The End Of Things
Tin Tin-Toast And Marmalade
Marmalade-Man In A Shop
Traffic-Every Mothers Son
Gorky Park-Peace In Our Time
Wayne Faros Schmaltz Band-There's Still Time
LCD Sound System-Never As Tired As When I Am Waking Up
Procol Harum-In The Wee Small Hours Of Sixpence
Procol Harum-Quite Rightly So
Moody Blues-Voices In The Sky/The Best Way To Travel
Jeff Lynne-Poor Little Fool
Helen Reddy-Poor Little Fool
Hot Chocolate-Give Peace A Chance

Hour 3

50 years ago:
This weeks new singles were officially released on Friday 20 December 1968

Rings and Things-Strange Things Are Happening (A side)  FONTANA
Apple-Doctor Rock (A side)  PAGE ONE
Austin Faithfull-Uncle Joe  BLUE CAT
Dennis Walks-Belly Licks  BLUE CAT
Drumbago and the Blenders-Reggae Jeggae  BLUE CAT
Real McCoy-Quick Joey Small  PYE
Scott Harris-Barry Johnson's Sad Eyes Inn/Morning Sun  MORGAN
Lloyd Greene-Reggae A Go Go  COXSONE
Roland Alphonso-Reggae In The Grass  COXSONE
The Gaylets-If You Can't Be Good  BIG SHOT
Shane Martin-You're So Young  CBS
The Mirage-Carolyn (B side)/The World Goes Round You (A side)  PAGE ONE
Lee Perry-You Crummy  TROJAN
The Race Fans-Time Marches On  TROJAN
Jay and Joya-I'll Be Lonely  TROJAN
Termites-Love Up Kiss Up  TROJAN
Apple-Otherside (B side)  PAGE ONE
Chuck Trois and the Amazing Maze-Call On You  ACTION
Rings and Things-To Me To Me To Me  FONTANA
The Rubaiyats-Omar Khayam  ACTION


This was... Marcelle (1971)

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Chris B (with the delightful miss wood), circa 1975. See

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