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03 March 2018
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This is a repeat from last week. A glitch at Seagull HQ prevented transmission at midnight UK time.
My comments about the winter winds from Siberia (in the Netherlands it is known as the Siberian Bear) are still very much appropriate...

Let us look forward to those Bright Summer Days

Chris B
3rd March 2018

Idle Race-Warm Red Carpet
ELO-Day Tripper
Idle Race-Skeleton and the Roundabout
Idle Race-Days of Broken Arrow
Roy Wood/The Move-Blackberry Way
Klaatu-I Can't Help It/Mrs Toads Cookies/Older
Dee Long-Outside
Nancy Sinatra-Sugar Town
Donovan-Mellow Yellow
PYT's-Cries From The Midnight Circus

Curved Air-Bright Summers Day '68
Fotheringay-Winter Winds
Yes-Siberian Khatru
King Crimson-The Great Deceiver
Pete Townsend-Let's See Action/Pure and Easy/Evolution (with Ronnie Lane)
Beach Boys-Girl Don't Tell Me/God Only Knows (accapella)/The Little Girl I once Knew
Traffic-Empty Pages
The Trees-Streets Of Derry

Hour 3
King Crimson in concert: Chicago 28 June 2017

Chris B recording of King Crimson October 1971 - edited collage
what do you think? write to me:

De Montfort Hall Leicester Monday 18th October 1971

16, my first job was with the GPO as a Trainee Technician Apprentice. Eventually we mutated into British Telecom engineers, some of us project managing MOD contracts at USAF bases – now all gone, runways ripped up, missiles all gone…

So, me on a first training course away from home in Leicester. Only 40 miles from my home town of Peterborough, but for three weeks I might as well have been on the dark side of the moon. What does a young lad do whose all time favourite album had already been Lizard (at that time the Crimso Sgt Pepper, and look, there was the proof – the lettering on the spine was the wrong way round, just the same as Pepper).

Armed with a Teleton mono tape recorder strategically affixed inside a GPO greatcoat – unbelievably the GPO outfitters accidentally had some fashionable wares for the times. I can still remember; the fitting form was quite personal, “Is the officer of corpulent build?” Unfortunately, at the time, it was.

It was bloody hot cocooned in seat A88 on the left hand balcony of the Leicester De Montfort Hall. Look, that must be Boz! Gosh, so that’s a mellotron! Why is Robert playing his guitar without an amplifier? Why can I hear the singing but not a damn word of Robert’s profound wisdom between songs? Ooh, Formentera Lady… I hope they do Sailor’s Tale with those mellotrons… Must keep still to avoid microphonic rustlings.

Recorded for my own personal enjoyment, this recording has never been bandied about amongst collectors. It is a selfish personal recording, one of only two that I ever made (the other was Jethro Tull at the same venue in 1972) and remains uncirculated. It fills both sides of a Philips C120. Tape is not sticky and moves freely. Groon is split whilst the cassette was turned over. Spurious microphonic ‘boops’ caused by playing on a later stereo machine could have ruined Cirkus but they are predominantly on just one channel of the dual mono (so, lose one channel and the ‘boops’ all but disappear). Overall a reasonable taping with surprising clarity. The commercial bootleggers have never had this tape.

A restrained respectful audience… apart from the demand for an encore – the reward is sadly missing (tape ran out) but before it does there is a magnificent JP Gumby impersonation…from Boz, probably in full knotted handkerchief and rolled up trousers regalia.


GPO = General Post Office (in 1971 responsible for Post, Telephony & Telegraphy)

MOD = Ministry Of Defence

USAF = United States Air Force

C120 = 120 minute cassette tape

JP Gumby = Monty Python character


be seeing you

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Chris & Jez: Hunstanton, Summer 1971 - Schools Out for 'Bent + Bowles'
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