15 August 2015
 3 hours from 12 noon
(UK time) Saturday, repeated midnight (UK time) Saturday into Sunday morning

Wishbone Ash-Vas Dis
Groundhogs-Thank Christ For The Bomb
Zombies-Butchers Tale (Western Front 1914)
(Trevor Burton's) Balls-Fight For My Country
Jimmy Cliff-Vietnam
Foo Fighters-Low
Wildbirds and Peacedrums-Doubt/Hope
Vivian Stanshall & Chris Bowler-Gregory Pectorals Fitness Sketch (produced by John Walters for BBC 1971)
Belinda Carlisle-Jezebel (en Francais)
Led Zeppelin-Since I've Been Loving You (rough first mix)
Bombay Orchestra-Friends
Black Sabbath-Iron Man

Hour 2

Back To Base with Benjamin Zephaniah-We Are Tribes
Pantera-The Badge/Planet Caravan
Bob Rivers-Asshole Son (parody of SoundGarden-Blackhole Sun)
The Trews-Makin' Sunshine/Cry
Kate Tempest-The Beigeness

Right Song; Wrong Speed moment:
Ferris Wheel-The Ugly Duckling (1970 - STILL a vinyl only release in 2015)
Linda Lewis-It's The Frame (from Hampstead Days. Live at BBC)
Fast 'n' Bulbous-Click Clack/Ice Cream For Crow
Captain Beefheart-Big Eyed Beans From Venus
Emerson Lake and Palmer-Hymn/Infinite Space

Les Reed Orchestra-Man Of Action (RNI - Radio North Sea International theme)
The RNI ship was named MEBO 2 after the
Marine Etc Broadcasting Offences
Fortunes-Caroline (Radio Caroline theme)

MEBO - Marine etc Broadcasting Offences

Chris B comments: This Act of the British Parliament came into effect at midnight 14th August 1967. In effect the new law applied as of the 15th August 1967  when it would be illegal to broadcast, supply or even listen to any radio station based on the sea surrounding the the UK. The much loved and popular Radio London a.k.a. Big L closed down at 3.00pm on the afternoon of 14th August. The final song played was The Beatles 'A Day In The Life' - a good choice since this song had been banned by the BBC. Radio London had no such qualms. At the time this could have been the last opportunity for free thinking people to hear this song played on the radio...

Remember, this was the summer of love 1967, swinging London, FAB groovy pop music, soul groovin' and psychedelia. It was bad enough cutting off a source of music to millions of teenagers, pre-teens and hipsters - but why choose the middle of summer; the middle of THAT summer?
Radio Caroline continued, but it would not be until the end of September that the 'replacement' Radio 1 was launched.

Fortunately there would be many of our favourite Radio London presenters on radio 1...

Radio London lives on. For further info visit chris & mary at

Hour 3 - 1967  LISTEN AGAIN

Byrds-Lady Friend (Monterey Pop Festival, June 1967)
Jimi Hendrix-The Wind Cries Mary (Monterey Pop Festival, June 1967)
The Who-Someone's Coming/Early Morning Cold Taxi/Jaguar/Coke After Coke
with Radio London jingles, weather and news
including a weather forecast by Vivian Stanshall (produced by John Walters for BBC 1971)
Rolling Stones-We Love You
Sagittarius-My World Fell Down
Bee Gees-Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You
The Who Sell Out (mono) side 1 featuring Radio London jingles with adverts by The Who
Armenia City In The Sky/Heinz Baked Beans/Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand/Odorono/Tattoo/Our Love Was/I Can See For Miles
The Beatles-A Day In The Life
Radio London closedown: Paul Kaye, the first and the last voice on...
...wonderful Radio London

The Beatles-Sgt Pepper side two inner groove
The Prisoner end titles theme music - THE most enigmatic baffling tv series of the sixties

be seeing you...


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