21 December 2008

Hour 1-10.00pm Sunday
I Monster-As long As There Is You And Me
Bob Dylan-Days Of 49/Mozambique
Nice-She Belongs To Me
Steve Wynn-Strange New World
Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic with Oral Moses-I'm A Rollin'
Hayseed Dixie-Bouncing Betty Boogie
Truckee Brothers-Poly Esther
Rainbow Ffolly-She's Alright
Terry Riley-A Rainbow In Curved Air

Hour 2-11.00pm Sunday
Sufjan Stevens-Did I Make You Cry On Christmas Day?
Curved Air-Blind Man/Piece Of Mind
Sonja Kristina-Street Run
AJO All Jigged Out-Fence Of Humour
Hothouse Flowers-You Ain't Broken My Heart
Nickel Creek-The Lighthouses Tale
Torch Song-Raphael
Broadcast-Still Feels Like Tears
Martyn Bennett-Alehouse
Shirley & Dolly Collins-Go From My Window
Nick Nicely-Hilly Fields 1892

...followed by three hours of Barry Marshall Everitt, then

Hour 3 -3.00am Monday morning

Sufjan Stevens-Hey Guys It's Christmas Time!
Zombies-Brief Candles/Hung Up On A Dream/Changes/I Want Her She Wants Me/Friends Of Mine/I'll Call You Mine/Time Of The Season/The Look Of Love/A Rose For Emily

Dee Long-Outside:
Turn the dial, slip inside, spreading wide.
Splitting Muons, stepping through, stretching time.

Klein bubble, softly glowing, while we take our precious time.
Outside the, light is dying, all is calm before the storm.

Inside, we're suspended, in a state of, anticipation.
Outside, of all creation, the show's about to begin.

Can't blink now, or we'll miss it, the first act of, the Universe.
Suddenly all, Hell breaks loose we're, surrounded by, the Devils Eye...

All the Suns, that will ever be, beautiful, beyond description.
Time begins in, the blink of a mind we're, surrounded by the, Creators eye...

Lyrics and Music by Dee Long.
All rights reserved.

Dee Long (ex Klaatu) - OUTSIDE - WATCH THIS VIDEO
Dee Long-Collecting Icons
Vandalism-Smash Disco
Neil Young-A Man Needs A Maid
Pharoah Sanders-Hum Allah Hum Allah Hum Allah Prince Of Peace


Interested in the Mellotron? Want to check whether any of the songs played feature a Mellotron? Visit:     

The Ultimate Recordings List (probably)

Instrumental backgrounds: Henry Purcell-Ground
and Bama Winds interpretation of Traffic's "The Dealer"

Head Like A Hole

To Those Who Love...                                                                                                                 Time Is Eternity...

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