23 November 2007

Friday 23 November 2007 8.00pm - 2.00am Saturday 24 November - Greenwich Mean Time

Hour 1
Alternative Sounds Of The 60's and 70's
Free-Fire and Water (CD - Fire And Water)
Bridget St John-Ask Me No Questions (CD - Thank You For)
Monkees-You Just May Be The One (CD - Monkees Hits)
Michael Nesmith-Keep On (Vinyl - The Hits Just Keep On Coming)
Melanie-I Don't Eat Animals (Vinyl - The Four Sides Of Melanie)
Michael Chapman-Postcards Of Scarborough (Vinyl - Picnic)
Blind Faith-Can't Find My Way Home (CD - Blind Faith Limited Edition)
Matching Mole-O Caroline (Vinyl - Matching Mole)
Jethro Tull-New Day Yesterday (CD - Think Pink)
Zombies-I'll Call You Mine (Vinyl - B Side of single)
Steppenwolf-Monster (America) (Vinyl - Monster)
Dave Mason-Little Woman

Hour 2
Alternative Sounds Of The 60's and 70's
Norman Barrington's Seagull Theme mix
Budgie-Parents (Vinyl - Never Turn Your Back On A Friend)
May Blitz-Smoking The Day Away (Vinyl - May Blitz)
Santana-All The Love Of The Universe/When I Look Into Your Eyes (Vinyl)
ELP-Knife Edge (CD - Think Pink)
Wynder K Frog-This Here (Vinyl - Out Of The Frying Pan)
If-The Light Still Shines (Vinyl - If 4)

Hour 3
Alternative Sounds Of The 60's and 70's
 Manfred Mann Chapter III-Happy Being Me (vinyl single)
Chambers Brothers-New Generation (Vinyl - A New Generation)
Alice Coltrane-Journey In Satchidananda (Vinyl - Journey In Satchidananda)
Pharoah Sanders-Hum Allah Hum Allah Hum Allah (Vinyl - Jewels Of Thought)
Nick Drake-Riverman (Vinyl - Five Leaves Left)
Prince Jazzbo-Mr Harry Skank (Vinyl single)
Aphrodites Child-Break... (Vinyl - 666)

Hour 4
Robert Plant & Alison Krauss-Nothin' (CD - Raising Sand)
Led Zeppelin-Hey Hey What Can I Do (Vinyl - The New Age Of Atlantic)
Robert Plant & Alison Krauss- Fortune Teller (CD - Raising Sand)
Healing Force-Thank God For Women (CD - The Songs Of Albert Ayler) 
from Cuneiform
Yoko Ono-Walking On Thin Ice (CD single - the remixes)
Wildman Fischer-The Wildman Fischer Story (Vinyl - An Evening With Wildman Fischer)
Richard Pinhas-Metatron/Shaddai/Chabbatai (CD - Metatron) 
from Cuneiform
Doll Imago-Stand (unreleased demo)
Japan-Ghosts (Vinyl single)
Bjork-Earth Intruders (CD - Volta)

Hour 5
Robert Plant & Alison Krauss-Rich Woman (CD - Raising Sand)
Republic Of Loose-Kiodin Man (CD - This Is The Tomb Of The Juice)
Hellwood-Ten Commandments (CD - Chainsaw Of Life)
Cramps-God Damn Rock and Roll (CD - Stay Sick)
Secretwyrd-The Sick (CD - Put The Kids To Bed)
Alice Cooper-Sick Things (CD - Billion Dollar Babies limited edition)
Nine Inch Nails-Hurt (CD - Further Down The Spiral)
Flashing Lights-Since They Were Crowned/Friends You Learn To Hate (CD - Sweet Release)
John Trevor-Sky Dance (Vinyl - There Is Some Fun Going Forward)
Alec K Redfearn & the Eyesores- The Perforated Veil/Queen Of The Hours (CD - The Blind Spot)
from Cuneiform
Klaatu-The Loneliest Of Creatures (Vinyl - Hope)

Hour 6
Robert Plant & Alison Krauss-Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us/Gone Gone Gone(CD - Raising Sand)
Ed Harcourt-All Of Your Days Will Be Blessed (CD - From Every Sphere)
Celtus-Dear Irish Boy CD - Celtus Live 2000)
Martyn Bennett-Liberation (CD - Grit)
Captain Beefheart-When Big Joan Sets Up (CD - Trout Mask Replica)
Fast 'n' Bulbous-Pachuco Cadaver (CD - Pork Chop Blue Around The Rind)
from Cuneiform
Ed Palermo Big Band-Gumbo Variations (CD - Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance)
from Cuneiform
Frank Zappa-Overture To A Holiday In Berlin (Vinyl - Burnt Weeny Sandwich)
Ed Palermo Big Band-Mom And Dad/Oh No (CD - Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance)
from Cuneiform

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