Radio Seagull on air: NORMAN BARRINGTON

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About Norman:

Norman Barrington was an one of the first presenters on the original Radio Seagull back in 1973 . His interest in radio, was originally fired by the arrival of the Pirates in the mid sixties. The same decade that saw the start of an explosion in arguably the best music of the 20th century.

His first taste of DJing was in 1969 running a mobile disco around the London area, named Hullabaloo with school friend John Ker. He also did a few stints on Hospital Radio, as far afield as Manchester.He left his job with a City Merchant Bank to secure his first true radio job aboard Radio Caroline during it's second incarnation anchored off the Dutch Coast from the very end of 1972 through till 1974. He was most at home playing alternative/progressive rock music, but did much of the station production too.

Whilst aboard the Mi Amigo, he was also employed by Radio Atlantis and later Radio Mi Amigo along with Brian Anderson, and even once found himself acting as engineer for Radio Veronica transmitted from the Mi Amigo during the time that their own ship was beached. Norman was on Radio Seagull from it's inception, with the guys from Radio Geronimo, the late Barry Everitt and the Late Hugh Nolan. Later that music mix was translated back into Caroline.

In an era when radio seems to have divorced itself from it's listeners, it is wonderful to be able to present a personal and friendly program, whilst the emphasis will always be on the music." In case you hadn't noticed Norman is also a fan of radio jingles, and once wielded a razorblade to great effect. Today he uses a digital knife.

Not currently doing a regular show, but lurking in the background, doing the odd special, and production work.